Gently like a river of mandibles, and a parrot's eyelid, 2016

Installation View 

A Couple of Days, 2016

Mightymast Hustler 7FT foldup pool table, motion activated LED lights, eggs

213 x 106 cm

Crescent, 2016

honeydew melon, Wittner metronome

Reflection of an upside down volcano, 2016

engraved martini glass, cherry


Familiarity is a floating feeling, 2016

bottled water sourced in Turkey, bottle cap air humidifier 

Eyelid to Where You Are, 2016

stainless steel, false lashes, thread

Percussive Maintenance, 2016

Maneki Neko, power switch

Percussive Maintenance, 2016 

Maneki Neko, velvet flock liner, C Print

Percussive Maintenance, 2016 

box layout

The aftermath of last week's earthquake, 2016

box layout

Back Flashback Flash, 2016

animated video